INSIGHT | 04.04.2019

Guernsey provides ‘four corners of the globe’ distribution

As an international finance centre for over half a century, Guernsey has positioned itself at the centre of a network of bilateral agreements that facilitate international capital flows. The island provides the ideal environment for asset managers to pool capital and enable efficient investment.

At IAG, we have seen new business enquiries from both existing and new clients who are assessing their options in light of Brexit and other marketplace uncertainties. Many are considering Guernsey as the potential domicile for their next structure, in light of its efficient distribution capability.

Institutional investors in more than 50 jurisdictions across five continents can be accessed with a Guernsey fund, including those in major economies such as the United States of America, the European Union, and China.

Key benefits of Guernsey as a fund domicile

  • A Guernsey fund reaches institutional investors in jurisdictions representing more than 80% of global wealth
  • National Private Placement Regimes (NPPR) provide a proven, smarter and faster route to access European investors
  • A Guernsey fund can be registered for sale to more than 90% of the world’s 300 largest pension funds and 37 of the 50 largest sovereign wealth funds
  • A Guernsey fund can be sold to institutional investors in Australia under certain exemption provisions
    The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) can grant exemptions to a Guernsey fund, permitting private placement nationwide
  • It is easier to sell a foreign fund in the US than you think! Exemptions under Regulation D provide greater coverage than any route provided by AIFMD
  • Guernsey is one of only three non-EU members that have signed a regulatory MOU with Switzerland, allowing a Guernsey fund to register for sale in the country
  • Guernsey has a full set of regulatory MOUs with the People’s Republic of China and thus enjoys the ability to raise capital in the world’s most populous nation
  • Guernsey-domiciled funds are well-regarded by South Africa’s financial services regulator, facilitating the registration of Guernsey funds for sale in the country

Guernsey can provide asset managers with a single route to investors which avoids duplicative costs of a parallel / feeder structure. Further, the route to investors via Guernsey is secure pre and post Brexit due to its independence from the UK and position outside the EU.

IAG delivers bespoke, specialist services to a range of Guernsey funds such as private equity, open-ended, listed and alternative asset structures. We provide a full suite of fund services including administration and accounting, company secretarial and corporate governance, depositary, cash management, investor services, compliance and regulatory applications.

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Guernsey Finance

Guernsey Finance is a joint industry and Government initiative responsible for the international promotion of Guernsey's finance industry.

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